Diverse Mind-Body-Spirit Voices

Within this section, you’ll find recommendations for books, articles, blogs and podcasts as well as guest posts shared from unique perspectives in the field of mind-body-spirit. Purchasing, engaging with and sharing these resources is a concrete way to stand in solidarity. I hope that in gathering and promoting material by these authors, we’ll each be able to dig deeper and to challenge ourselves.

Are you a womxn or non-binary creator from a diverse background (race, ethnicity, spirituality, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, ability, etc.) and an author or speaker in the mind-body-spirit genre who is committed to inclusivity and standing in solidarity with the oppressed? If so, would you care to have your work included as a recommended read/listen? If the answers are yes, please click here. I will respond via email to obtain an author biography and work out the details if your work is a good fit.

2018 Diverse Mind-Body-Spirit Featured Voices

Recommendations here are intended to showcase writers, authors and speakers from diverse backgrounds whose material is relevant to the mind-body-spirit genre.

Recommendations are listed in reverse chronological order:

JL Umipig

  • Artist and creative writer who leads interactive workshops related to decolonization and spirituality, facilitates healing through Inner Dance, and acts as a culture bearer for Pinay womxn.

Dr. Marcelle Haddix

  • Author whose work includes teaching and scholarship as a full-time academic, leading yoga retreats, and promoting literacy which centers Black girls and womxn.

Kayla Rosen

  • Creates zines which cover a variety of diversity topics, including disability and queerness.

Leesa Renee Hall

  • Promotes inclusivity through the use of writing prompts and podcasts which address racism.

Toni-Ann La-Crette

  • A Psychic Medium and Tarot reader whose work celebrates spirituality and creativity.

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