Inner Work

Moon Ritual Pocket Tins

I am so excited to be sharing my newest pagan/witchy creation with you, just in time for the Full Moon in Aries this week! I’ve included all the materials I used so that you can create a similar system for yourself if it appeals to you. As I’ve grown in my spiritual walk, I’ve been drawn to conducting personal ceremony on the new and full moons in relation to astrological signs, but have felt a bit lost as to how to proceed. I wanted a way to remember the intentions I set on the new moon when the same sign comes around six months later on the full moon. I wrote recently about the meaning I find in small treasures. What I have settled on is creating pocket tins for each astrological sign, with materials I can use for the corresponding new and full moon. Tarot-Astrology lists the dates and signs for upcoming new and full moons.

Each sign invites us to consider a different aspect of our personality and selfhood as each moon unfolds. We may even find ourselves subtly mimicking the characteristics of the sign during the days leading up to and following the moon. If we attend to the astrological calendar throughout the year, inner areas that we might otherwise neglect will get attention and care.

Materials To Include

This is definitely a concept that welcomes artistic innovation. As I noted in one of my first blogs, I am not physically gifted in creative works, so I can only imagine what someone with artistic talent could do with this! I am somewhat obsessed with miniatures so that dictated my theme; take any special needs into account for your own work. The initial cost can be a bit expensive, but you can buy the materials in bulk to save money.

Tins or boxes


Tealight candles

Tea bags or individually-wrapped chocolates


Decorative paper (This type includes materials for each sign).

Charms and jewelry creations

Herbs (in a sealed container)

Mini-journal (handmade—I glued tissue paper on regular strips of paper and stapled it together)

Tarot cards (these are by far the most expensive element. People with more self-control than I have can just use their regular cards during the ritual)

Handkerchiefs/Ritual Cloth

*I suggest connecting something in your tin or box to the element that the sign represents. Aries is a Fire sign so I chose a red cloth.


New Moon Activities

New moons are for inner, intuitive work. They give us space and quiet to delve into our heart-space in order to better understand our unconscious needs and wishes. We can then make plans for how we would like to see these dreams come to fruition.

For each new moon, I include a poem I wrote related to the sign and my intended inner work. For the first year of using the tins, I will be purchasing a new mini tarot for each new moon. Rather than using it immediately, I instead bless it and include it in the box. I also create a small journal into which I write my intentions as well as a tarot card layout with corresponding statements or questions.

The basic format for my new moon ritual is to start by brewing tea with the teabag I’ve included and drinking it to center myself. I light the candle and sage. I cast a circle with the wand. The crystals can either be held to energize them during the reading of the chant I’ve included, or they can be laid out in a pattern that fits with the sign and its corresponding element. As noted above, I spend time writing in the journal and welcoming the tarot cards to my repertoire. I will pull cards if I need assistance with setting my intentions. I then close the circle and return the materials to the box.

Full Moon Activities

Full moons are for action and releasing. They allow us to realize the progress we’ve made for the previous six months on our intentions, as well as to let go of anything related to the inner work that is no longer in our best interest. We can gain clear sight during this time as to who we are and where we are going.

aries 5

The main material I add to the tin during the full moon is a poem proclaiming the action I will take as it corresponds to the astrological sign’s focus. I also include a tea bag for the next new moon practice. I update any materials that need to be refreshed. I expose the materials in the box to the full moon a day or before the ritual, and leave them sitting out for a day or two afterwards in order to capture the energy being transmitted. I have a lot of curious creatures where I live so I have to settle for placing them near a window.

My full moon ritual begins by lighting the candle and sage while I cast a circle with the wand. In addition to the uses for the crystals I included at the new moon, I may also work with them to remove negative energy I am carrying and absorb positive energy they carry. I refresh them in the full moon light before storing the box. I review the intentions I set six months earlier, and record the manifestations I’ve already seen of them in my life. I list the actions I plan to take in the next six months to bring them to harvest. I also note anything that needs to be released in the journal; I use the scrap paper to write and then discard/burn anything that feels like a significant burden. Using the layout I wrote on the new moon, I draw tarot cards and make meaning as it relates to the focus of the sign for the outcomes they reveal for my life. I close the circle and, as noted above, let the materials “breathe” for a few days before putting everything away.

I encourage you to find the particular format of celebrating the moon phases that best suits your needs. I lived decades of my life with minimal awareness of the astrological signs and the moon phases; tapping into their patterns has become very grounding and kept me focused on positive, uplifting aspects of life. Engaging in a practice that changes every two weeks (new moon to full moon) invites us to recharge and renew our process with regularity and dedication.