Goddess Thealogy

Kuan Yin Contemplation

It’s #Thealogy Thursday! This contemplation can be done indoor or outside; I think it is perfect for a slightly cool morning with the dew still on the grass. You will need tea; there is actually a type of tea named after Kuan Yin which is supposed to have mythical origins. As you practice this contemplation, you can also set aside a small portion of the tea as an offering.

Prepare a cup of tea. Slowly drink it, mindfully savoring each sip. Experience it filling you with warmth and coziness as you drink deeply. I like to gaze at an image of Kuan Yin as I do this, in order to begin to prepare my mind for contemplating compassion. If you’d like, you can practice divination with the tea leaves when the cup is finished, asking Goddess for insight into what compassion means to you.

Next, take a few minutes to sit in silent meditation. Let the warmth the tea started in you expand into your entire body. Feel your muscles relax as you breathe in love and compassion, and breathe out any lingering negativity or hostility. Feel your body solid on the ground and your heart-center alive with you. Ask Kuan Yin to reveal to you a simple, concrete act of compassion you can do today. Let yourself linger for a moment on the sacrifices she made, drawing inspiration from her legend. Thank her for the insight she shares with you.