Inspiration Fanatic

Marzipan Moons

Today’s #InspirationFanatic Friday is a candy decorating venture in which you can create a moon made out of Marzipan to represent each moon phase. The candies are very easy and simple to make; it’s a great project for kids!

The brand of Marzipan I purchased from Amazon was Odense. I haven’t attempted to make my own Marzipan, in part because several of the recipes call for raw egg whites. Let me know if you have a go-to recipe that you recommend!

I used Wilton gel food coloring; make sure whichever kind you use is gel because the liquid in regular food coloring will soften the marzipan too much. If you use Wilton, use the Lemon Yellow for the moon; I started with the Golden Yellow and it ended up reminding me of Colby Cheese so I had to redo it. If you notice the color changing in my photos, that’s why.


1. Color about 5/6th of your Marzipan blue and 1/6th of it yellow. It’s up to you how thoroughly you want to mix it; I went easy on the blue so that it had a bit of a swirled appearance.


2. Shape the blue dough into at least 8 balls to represent the sky. To make a rounded flattened circle, pat the dough between your hands to shape.


3. Roll the yellow marzipan between a sheet of waxed paper to your desired thinness.
4. Cut out the different moon shapes using a circle-shaped cookie cutter. I used a frosting tip because that was all I had that was small enough, but I then had to use a toothpick to help retrieve the pieces.
5. Place the moon shapes on the sky pieces. You’re done! Marzipan freezes very well if wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. You could save it and have a piece at each phase of the moon during your ritual or ceremony.

This project could also be adapted for the upcoming solar eclipse and might be a fun treat to bring if you are having a potluck or gathering to celebrate.