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Introducing Goddessing From the Heart Daily Themes!

I’ve decided to bring a bit more focus and organization to my posts. I’ve been writing nearly every day recently but will soon have to slow down to a few times a week because of work obligations. To keep on track, I’ve assigned myself a topic for each day of the week for the times I am able to write. I like to interweave ideas from Goddess Spirituality, self-care, mental health and recovery from trauma, so this will allow me to incorporate all of these topics and more without losing one along the way 🙂

Naturally Mindful Monday (#NaturallyMindful): The focus of these blogs will be on incorporating Goddess Spirituality into our relationship with nature, meditation, yoga and mindfulness.

Surviving and Thriving Tuesday (#SurvivingnThriving): Here I will identify trauma-sensitive topics as they relate to spirituality and healing.

Inner Work Wednesday (#InnerWork): In these posts, I will delve into the inner work of Goddess Spirituality through themes like oracle cards, tarot, runes, ritual, altars, and incantations.

Thealogy Thursday (#Thealogy): Not a misspelling! Thealogy relates to the study of Goddess Spirituality. These posts will examine our understanding of specific goddesses as well as modern interpretations of what it means to practice Goddess Spirituality.

Inspiration Fanatic Friday (#InspirationFanatic): Here I will connect our spirituality with creativity. I will draw inspiration from various forms of artwork as well as share occasional arts and crafts projects you can complete on your own.

Spiritual Growth Saturday (#SacredSpiritualGrowth): This exploration will include an examination of our spiritual needs. We’ll also uncover how spiritual maturity and development unfolds within the context of Goddess Spirituality.

Self-Care Sunday (#GoddessingSelfCare): These posts will explore all things related to healthy ways to take care of ourselves and methods by which we can incorporate our spirituality into our self-care practices.

Feel free to join in on your blog if any of the topics interest you; there is a lot to be said about each of them!

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  1. Lovely! Will be sure to tag your blog if I use these in the future! Thank you for sharing, and for hosting this wonderful blog – community is everything, especially in recovery 💞

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