Goddessing Self Care

Goddessing Our Sacred Self-Care

“What do you need?” Likely a question you’ve been asked by others and asked yourself. As I examined how we can goddess our self-care, I found myself contemplating this question. To truly take care of ourselves, understanding and resourcing ways to meet our needs plays a critical role. We may sometimes wish for others to instantly see and respond to our needs without having to express them directly. In my experience, it is only when I “put myself out there” and get real with myself and others that I am able to receive those things that are close to my heart. Only in someone entrusting me with their innermost wishes can I respond and fulfill them.

In exploring different types of needs, I was astounded to realize that each of them can take on a spiritual dimension. For instance, if you frequently delay going to bed because you are trying to cram one more thing into your day, consider that getting a good night’s sleep means you are more likely to have dreams in which you can hear from Goddess. By sanctifying the necessities each of us has as a human, we can transform practically everything we do or receive into a sacred act.

Even though meeting each need can be sacred, this isn’t a requirement or an automatic occurrence. Sometimes I just need to eat some chicken nuggets, read a trashy novel or let out a good cry, and there isn’t anything holy about it. Instead of forcing the spiritualization of our needs into an obligation, Goddess offers us an opportunity and an invitation to mindfully engage the mundane, elevating it as we experience the wonder of deliberate, intentional living.

I will be posting an extended series of blogs related to this topic, including how to balance our various needs, find the time to get them met and recognize their shifting characteristics.



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