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Goddessing on a Budget: Arts and Crafts

Your inner spiritual world can take on material expression through arts and crafts projects. In order to do this in a budget-friendly way, consider spending time diving deeply into a particular project and letting the materials draw out that which needs to be expressed. I also often find a spiritual rhythm in watching someone who has mastered a craft and can make it look like it is child’s play.

I have a large gap between my appreciation for aesthetics and the fine motor skills necessary to execute something I find “beautiful.” Basically, I have an imaginative idea in my head but what I actually make is often worthy of a Pinterest fail. I recently took a clay class which involved throwing pots on a wheel.

My one success!

I had only one bowl that held together; there were times where the entire lump of clay flew off the wheel and nearly hit someone! But I found other methods like hand-building that I could use and stuck it out. This experience can be a metaphor for how our spiritual practice might go; right when we want it to flow easily, we feel stuck. Perseverance helps, but we might also have to adjust our expectations and goals. It is also a perfect opportunity to find others with whom we can share a good laugh before we take ourselves too seriously!

Given my own limitations, the specific projects I’ve described here are designed to work for those of us who might be “artistically challenged.” They can be completed individually or in a group setting. I would love feedback if you try any of them or if you have other recommendations!

Springboard Into Spiritual Connection With Others Through Crafting

There is a special flow that can develop in creating artwork alongside others who are also engaging their artistic talents. I find something about the process often leads to people opening up and sharing what’s on their hearts. The collective work that arises from these encounters can be a powerful testament to Goddess.

Created at Paint & Take.

Classes allow for supported learning that can be tailored to an individual’s skill level. They can also be amenable to sticking to a budget depending upon where they are being offered and the time frame for which they meet. I recently was able to take a painting class that focused on creating a fiery Goddess. Everyone’s painting had their own unique touches added to it, and I felt the presence of Goddess in the moment as I walked around and saw what everyone had created in Her honor!

Craft Energy-Infused Items for Ritual Use

As I’ve added to my altar and meditation room, I’ve slowed myself down quite a bit in acquiring items. I’ve found that hand-made items can have power and intention behind them because I think that an item you make yourself can be filled with Goddess-energy as you wield your creative force in making it. Below are instructions for building a tarot/oracle card holder out of polymer clay:

  1. Choose two or more colors of clay, rolling it into a ball and then a log-like shape. Line up the logs next to each other.
2. Twist the colors together, rolling gently to lengthen.
3. Fold the clay over itself.
4. Twist together again, tightening in order to lengthen the strand.
5. Bring the edges of the clay strand around the card, and check for fit. Clay shrinks when baking, so having it be a little loose is better than it being too snug.

6. Remove the card and transfer the clay to an aluminum baking dish. I used two disposable aluminum containers, one upside down on the other one, to create a sealed compartment. Bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions and allow to cool thoroughly before use.

Express Inner Spiritual Knowledge and Power Through Artwork

Herbs and other plants have spiritual as well as physical uses and properties. Correspondence books and charts can help to determine which one relates to which properties. With this insight, I created “intention jars” to help me connect to particular feelings and states. It can be a bit pricey to get the materials, but buying in bulk means it could work very well in a group setting. This project uses tiny metal, plant and glass materials, so it is not suitable for children under 12. Instructions to create your own intention jar:

  1. Spend some time researching the specific intention you would like to manifest in order to discover the specific dried plants you would like to include in your jar. Gather your materials, which will include tweezers, mini glass jars, dried plants, necklaces or keychains, and wax to seal (optional).
intention jar 1
2. Aquire fine-point tweezers to help to grasp the plants.
intention jar 4
3. Add each plant separately to maximize the color scheme. Don’t overfill.
intention jar 7
4. You can use a jump ring to connect to any necklace or find one small enough to fit through the corkscrew.
intention jar 8
5. Wax seals used for envelopes can be melted to seal the top of the jar. Press the bottom of the cork into the melted wax and then push the cork gently into the bottle.

Goddessing Your Craft

There is an unlimited amount of creativity and innovation that can be brought to using arts and crafts to connect to Goddess. Allow yourself time and energy to be inspired. Rather than push for perfection, look at the creative process as a way to connect in flow with others, energize your ritual space, and explore your inner world. Get crafting!






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  1. It’s always nice to know there are others out there crafting with the goddess and using the things you make in your everyday practice whether as an altar piece or jewelry handcrafting your items makes them more personal and instills a flow of energy that can’t be beat. Keep on crafting.

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